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Specialist veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products business.

Our expertise is in the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of high quality products exclusively for veterinarians

The Nam Group of Companies, found in 1977, began as a small trading company in sales and marketing of animal health products. With overtime hard work and dedication, it has successfully extended its business to manufacturing its own products in the new established company, Nam Pharma Sdn Bhd.

Our pharmaceutical factory produces all kinds of animal health products such as antibiotics, analgesics, acidifiers, anthelmintics, disinfectants, vitamins and supplements. Our production line includes water soluble powder, oral solution, granules, premixes and feed additives. These products are aim to prevent and treat diseases in animals and to let them grow healthier. We provide a wide range of products and thus obtain economical effect and fully provide our customers’ welfare. It is our social responsibility in giving the best in the animal industry.

Global Excellence in Animal Health

We are committed to Quality, being at the heart of what we do. To us, Quality is everybody’s responsibility.

Innovation | Quality | Realibility

Quality and Economical In Veterinary Medicinal Products

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